Niagara is an unlimited inexpensive host service with cPanel and Indonesian servers. An Indonesian business class hosting service that uses a sophisticated and modern center with a Tier-4 certificate from the DCI Indonesia. A host service that guarantees the quality of uptime and quick access to websites.

Niagara is providing Cloud-based hosting (burst technology), which offers shared host devices with dedicated resources such as VPS. Supported WordPress Accelerator add-on, LiteSpeed and free domain! 5x faster premium cloud that hosts performance with a dedicated flexible device as a VPS. The difference is that Niagara can help you with a special and optimized server so that its performance is faster than a regular shared host server.

For WordPress users, you get a WordPress keyboard shortcut where the WordPress site will load faster and optimal Web performance, which actually guarantees the speed and smoothness of your WordPress site.

The price offered by Niagara the Hoster for the cloud hosting package is quite costly, where the lowest package is 150 000 per month and the most expensive 720 000 per month. However, the resources provided are very large. For more information about the Niagara Cloud hosting, see the link below.


IDCloudHost as a name indicates that it is a hosting provider that uses a cloud-based hosting solution, where the host company is located within a PT host hosting Indonesia with the trademark IDCloudHost, which has become one of the trusted hosting providers for the web in Indonesia with thousands of customers using IDCloudHost services. The IDCloudHost group was widely covered by the media and verified by the customer as one of the Indonesian web hosting services.

In addition, you'll also get great resources, RAM and CPU core over the standard at a very cheap price. Where this type of cloud-based host is classified as the cheapest, but provides a reliable Server and the speed of access is often translated faster than the usual host, 99.9%, free domain, free SSL certificate, and many more.

The price offered for the lowest package is only 15000 dollars a month, while the most expensive is 230 000 per month. If the package offered by IDCloudHost is an adequate package with sufficient capacity for small and medium-sized enterprises. However, if you require a more reliable Server for high-end stores, IDCloudHost also provides many other packages. For more information, see the following link.

  • 3. DEWAWEB

Dewaweb is an experienced hosting service provider with tens of thousands of users who have a reliable host server. Dewaweb was founded in 2014 to be the first hosting provider in Indonesia, which is safe, fast and reliable because they understand that your site is a very important property of your online business. When you choose Dewaweb, you'll sleep hard when you know that your website is in good hands and the Dewaweb team will protect it with 24/7 legendary ninja support.

Today, Dewawebi serves more than 32 000 customers and is the first to receive ISO 27001 certification, a world-class gold standard for information security management. Where Dewaweb has several host packages that appeal to beginners and to sites for big business people. The price they offer is also inexpensive if the cheapest price per pack is 20000 per month and the most expensive 140 000. And if you think it's less contented, then you can upgrade to a more reliable package like hosting in a cloud VPS. You can view more information about the Dewaweb site by using the links below.


Ardetamedia is a reliable hosting service provider that also has the best cloud hosting package to try, and this hosting service offers many host packages for users that provide many hosting options to suit their needs. A Server that has a Linux cloud that has proved to be powerful and stubborn for hosting your site.

Ardetamedia for Cloud Hosting offers a nice expensive price with the lowest price of 200 000 per month and the most expensive 600 000 per month. In addition, they also offer many advanced features, free domains, SSL protocol and support for the 24/7 professional team. For more information about Ardetamedia, see the link below.


Jogjahost is like a host service for Ardetamedia, it is because they are one company and they also have the same office. The price offered is the same as the same hosting plan.